Special Features

  • Robomate

    Robomate is an app which has recorded lectures of expert faculty and the app will be loaded on the pc or laptop of student. The child can view these lectures again and again for thorough revision and at his convenience.

  • Test Series

    Question papers are set in accordance with the Board examination pattern and marks distribution. After writing a test, students are given model answer papers with the marking scheme. This resolves the doubts arising in their minds.

  • Mock Boards

    Mock Boards are conducted for Std 10 to provide students with an experience of the Final Examination with Exam Centres, Hall Tickets and relevant stationery.

  • Technology-Aided Teaching by Qualified Faculty

    Qualified and committed faculty at MT Educare provides a new dimension to the classroom experience by using the audio-visual technology available to create graphics and animation across various subjects. This not only enables the student to learn terminologies, but also induces greater retention.

  • Printed Notes

    Printed study material of the subjects with questions and answers that are relevant to the examination pattern are provided to support systematic studies. In addition there is an exhaustive section of multiple choice questions per chapter with detailed answer keys.

  • Extensive Revision Sessions

    In addition to regular session, extensive revision sessions are conducted before the term examination to help the child prepare for the same and also help to solve their doubts.

  • Parent and Student Counselling

    Performance feedback helps analyse the child’s improvement areas, be it in the realm of learning, paper presentation or simple errors. Academic counselling supports and guides students to put their best foot forward.

  • Comfortable Environment

    Air-conditioned classrooms provide an environment that facilitates learning. Such an ambience is provided so that students can learn in comfort.

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  • I have been a student at MT for the past three years and it was a wonderful experience. Regular counselling helped me a lot. Lectures were arranged in such a way that studies never became a burden, but was in fact an enjoyable experience.

    Vidhi Patel
    96.18% in Std 10

  • I consider myself lucky to study here. The PowerPoint presentations used give a clear idea of concepts.

    Komal Dhage
    98.27% in Std 10

  • It was a wonderful experience studying here. The teachers are supportive, extraordinary, kind and friendly towards the students. The regular tests conducted on Sundays helped me a lot.

    Karan Vadaliya
    99.14% in Std 10


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